About Us

AXF was founded in Melbourne in 2005, building on the solid foundation of integrity, quality and innovation established by its then parent company – Shanghai-based Xiangfu. AXF Group has been focused on property development in Melbourne and Sydney and earned a reputation of excellence for exceeding expectations – a philosophy instilled throughout the company by AXF Group Managing Director Richard Gu (Chairman of AXF Resources). Our logo represents a dragon boat and our team working as one. Together we are moving in the same direction, on a continuous journey with common goals.

The group has grown since its incorporation in 2005 and now includes a number of business enterprises including property development, entertainment (restaurants and clubs) and agriculture.

In 2013 AXF Group diversified into the resources industry and incorporated a subsidiary, AXF Resources Pty Ltd (AXF), for all mineral investment. Since that time AXF has made substantial investments in gold and oil shale projects in Western Australia, New South Wales and Queensland, has farmed into an iron ore project in Western Australia and most recently signed an agreement relating to a vanadium-molybdenum project in Queensland.

Our largest investment is in the Gold Ridge Project in the Solomon Islands.

AXF is a private company funded by parent AXF Group, run by a small team dedicated to making the transition from mineral investor to explorer to developer.